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Existing solutions don’t cut it

Poor customer experiences

Legacy e-commerce software leaves your customers with difficult checkout processes, frustrating log-ins, and clunky mobile experiences

Difficult to reach support teams

It can be hard to get a hold of a real person for support, training, or questions when you need someone most

Lack of data to inform pricing strategy

Without the right data or experience, you can’t be confident your ticket pricing strategy will deliver real results

The only full-service online sales platform

Catalate’s platform offers everything savvy resorts & attractions need to grow and maximize revenue online

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Increase financial and operational predictability

Sell more tickets in advance to earn revenue ahead of time and make data-backed decisions on operations

Capture ticket yield on your best days

Make the most of your best days by increasing prices as demand increases

Maximize return on marketing spend

Improve ROI from your marketing campaigns by increasing conversion rates online

Online booking tools and data-driven pricing strategies to drive more revenue

Empowering ski resorts, waterparks, amusements, and more to take control of their online sales and maximize revenue

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In the world of pricing, the best data wins

Data to inform strategy



Dated searches on the platform

Real experience



Price points managed for our customers

Transaction value processed



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Discover how Catalate’s technology can amplify your online ticket sales

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