Morey’s Piers and Catalate – The Ticket to Doubling Revenue

Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Waterparks is a classic seaside amusement park located on The Wildwoods’ boardwalk in Wildwood and North Wildwood, New Jersey. Since 1964, Morey’s has been known for their exciting rides, family-friendly atmosphere, and the unique experience of riding a roller coaster by the sea. 

But with all of these great features, the team at Morey’s was missing opportunities by using flat pricing on their e-commerce store and selling most of their tickets on-site before the summer 2020 season. 

Without customers purchasing in advance online, they couldn’t predict visitation patterns or collect customer data, which made it challenging to staff accordingly and meant they missed the chance to further nurture their customers based on demographics.

That’s where Catalate stepped in to help — just a short while before the first “pandemic season” in the summer of 2020. With only 10 days until opening day, Director of Marketing Tim Samson and Guest Services Manager Tyler Jacobs worked with Catalate Sales Director Kari Manev, and the Catalate Analytics and Partner Services teams to set up a dynamic pricing strategy and their entire e-commerce store, with an extensive product list ranging from cabana rentals to waterpark general admission. 

Catalate helped Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Waterparks switch from flat pricing to dynamic pricing, giving them the opportunity to earn more revenue on peak days and spread attendance to non-peak days using pricing strategy. Setting custom prices for different days of the week and for different times during the day helped maximize revenue by giving more incentive to customers who want to visit on a weekday or during low-traffic hours.

By incentivizing customers with a discount if they buy early, the park was able to predict visitation patterns and staff accordingly for the best customer experience. 

Morey’s has increased their online ticketing sales from $2.3M in 2020, to $5.9M in 2021, and a record breaking $6.7M this past summer – and that doesn’t even include season pass ticket revenue!

Thanks to the dynamic pricing strategy that made the most of peak day prices, a notable win for the resort is the success of their popular private cabana products, which have increased in revenue year over year. In addition to the attractive aspect of having your own private oasis at the resort, the ease of booking for customers was a strong factor in the boost in conversion rates and customer satisfaction, Tim said. 


The continual support from the Catalate analytics team and account manager Alex Dewar has aided in sucess selling tickets online. 

“We wear so many hats operationally, it’s hard to find time to look at data. Tim said. 

A weekly meeting with Alex brings the Morey’s team insight into their online performance. Leveraging data, we decide if it’s necessary to adjust the dynamic pricing strategy to optimize online sales.

The Catalate analytics team looks at data from other amusement parks around Morey’s and presents the actionable insights (with anonymity to the competitors) so they are able to see how they stack up against direct competitors. The analytics team also showed Morey’s how they were trending compared with last year so they could get a pulse on what kind of season it would be before it even started. 

“Before Catalate we had e-commerce and a way to sell tickets, but now we truly have a partner,” Tyler said. 

Guest Services

Managing the front lines as the manager of Guest Services, Tyler notes how Catalate’s Partner Services team helps relieve pressure from their customer service staff. Partner Services, a team that sets up Cloud Stores and products and are available 7 days a week to assist with guest-related questions, also helps reduce the amount of staff needed at ticket booths by handling any refunds or customer service situations that come up. Tyler noted that this allows Morey’s on-site guest services team to focus on what they’re best at: getting guests on rides faster and providing fun times at the beach. 


Collecting customer information in order to market to guests in the future is a goal of any attraction, big or small. The problem is that Morey’s doesn’t have much of a way to collect customer information when tickets are bought on site. Getting guests on the rides as quickly as possible is the main goal, and clogging up the process with information collection is not feasible. There’s no gate to the park, so they can’t collect information that way either. 

By encouraging customers to buy on the Cloud Store, it’s a win-win; the customer saves money by buying in advance and Morey’s is able to collect their name and email to use in marketing campaigns to turn casual customers into repeat visitors who are eager to return again and again.

Want to learn about how your ticketing business can utilize Catalate’s full suite of teams — from pricing strategy to customer service — to earn more advanced purchase revenue?? Making the switch is easy with our team here to do the heavy lifting and support you every step of the way.  Contact us to learn more. 

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