A better buying experience

Your customer’s journey starts online. Catalate’s Cloud Store makes it easy for them to purchase online in advance, and easier for you to manage.

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Give your customers the buying experience they deserve

With a seamless journey from browsing to buying, your guests can quickly find what they are looking for, boosting conversion rates and customer happiness.

Lean on us for support

Catalate does all the heavy lifting for you. Whether you want to sell ticket packs or time slots for specific arrival times, we can build and customize your store to your specific business needs.

Get started in days or weeks, not months

Cloud Store is ready for implementation. Sitting right on your website, Cloud Store store fits seamlessly on your website with your brand colors, logos, photos and fonts.

Automated payments right to your account

We utilize third party secure payment processors that deliver money directly to your bank account.

Sell everything in one place

From season passes to admission to birthday parties, Cloud Store offers endless product configuration options to support your online sales needs.


Dynamic Pricing

Included in Cloud Store, our Pricing Services help partners offer the right price at the right time to make the most out of every day of the season with Catalate’s dedicated revenue management team.

Comprehensive Customer Support

From store creation to 7 day/week inventory management and branded customer support, we do all the work for you with experienced teams of real people.

Redemption Options

Use the web redeem feature to check in your guests quickly right from your computer, or integrate barcodes from your POS into Catalate’s ticketing system software.

Multiple Currencies & Languages

Support for multiple currencies and language options. The only purpose-built ticketing platform used by attractions across the globe.

Inventory Management

Add or remove your attraction tickets using our backend tools, or edit a customer’s order in real-time.

Responsive Design

Cloud Store looks great on desktop and mobile so that customers can easily make purchases no matter what device they prefer.

Online ticketing in action

“What Catalate’s Cloud Store gets right is it takes the customer from the decision to purchase straight to buy now. It doesn’t put barriers in the way.”

Mark Moore, General Manager @ Gulf Islands Waterpark

Read Customer Stories

Discover how Catalate’s technology increases online ticket sales