A Look Inside Liftopia’s Weekly Sales Report

Last week, we hosted a webinar walking through our Weekly Sales Report for the 19/20 season. Our weekly sales reports are distributed to all of our partners, and showcase a resort’s sales performance from the past week as well as season-to-date. The purpose of these reports is to give an easy snapshot of what happened in the past 7 days (sales, customer demographics) and show how the resort stacks up vs. the competition. Our Weekly Sales Report is just one report of many that resorts can access through our partnership.

Below, we’ll walk through a few examples of elements that are included in these weekly reports. You can also download a sample of a Weekly Sales Report at the end of this post.

Order Revenue Pacing – This graph shows you how your revenue pacing is performing against last year. The blue line represents cumulative sales for FY19, while the green line represents cumulative sales for FY20. If sales are going well, the green line should be outpacing the blue line.

Order Revenue Pacing

Search Traffic & Conversion Trends – These graphs show how demand capture has changed over the past seven days by trip date for Liftopia.com and Cloud Store separately. Here you can see what dates have had the biggest changes over the past week. Recent changes to your pricing strategy might be reflected in changes you see in this section.

Search Traffic & Conversion Trends

RevPASS: Normalized Performance – This section shows a resort’s RevPASS performance for the past week and season-to-date compared to the 90th percentile of their region as well as the 90th percentile of the platform. Want to know who the top performers are? In this section you can see the top 15 RevPASS performers over the past 7 days as well as season-to-date. Hopefully your resort is on the list!


Customer Demographics – Everybody’s favorite! In this section you’ll see revenue by purchaser city for the last 7 order days and season to date. Most importantly, you’ll be able to see where else your customers are skiing this season. Due to the large number of resorts across the Liftopia platform, we can show you where else your customers frequent when they aren’t at your resort.

Customer Demographics

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