Tips to Make the Most of the Season

Unless you’re Arapahoe Basin, you’re probably in the second half of your season by now. We’re going to keep this short, but wanted to share four quick tips to help you make the most of the remainder of the season.

Double Check Your Website Calls-to-Action

Example: Plattekill Mountain has a bright blue CTA in the header that’s easy to spot

Make sure it’s as easy as possible to find your online store. If you’d never visited your ski area’s website before, would it be obvious where to go to buy lift tickets? The CTAs on your website should:

  1. Be located above the fold. Guests should clearly see a place to buy tickets without scrolling down on the page.
  2. Use contrasting calls to make buttons stand out.
  3. Use action-oriented language (think “Buy Lift Tickets” vs. “Lift Tickets”) to promote the behavior you want.

Take a Peek at Your Email Template

Example: Arapahoe Basin’s email template with a nice red “Buy Tickets” button in the header

Similar to the point above, every email you send out to customers should have an easily identifiable CTA that links directly to your online store. Our recommendation is to build a CTA into the email template itself, so you never have to remember if you’d added a link before you hit send.

Assess Your Pricing Strategy & Product Mix

What goals did you set out to achieve at the beginning of the season? Are you on track to hit those numbers? If not, there’s still time to adjust your pricing strategy or add additional products to help boost revenue. Here are a few products we definitely think you should offer online.

Do Your Snow Dance

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