Catalate announces improved time slot capabilities for Cloud Store and

We know there are many different products you need to offer to your customers online, with different age groups, product configurations etc. It can be challenging to find an e-commerce platform that sells everything you offer seamlessly for your guests to give them a great buying experience. Catalate’s product and engineering team has been hard at work making Cloud Store the easiest place for customers to shop for all of your products, by adding new functionality recently such as Group Ticketing and additional payment methods (Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal).

And with that, Catalate is excited to announce the launch of a new feature to improve online bookings and pricing strategy for products with specific start-times, like ziplining or tubing. Using Catalate’s enhanced time-slot capabilities, dynamically priced ticket inventory can be sold at unique time slots throughout the day, allowing you to take control of your pricing strategy from time slot to time slot, making the most out of each available start-time. Many of you are probably already familiar with dynamically priced inventory for day tickets, which can now be applied to time-based tickets as well.


Historically, many ticketing businesses have offered the same price at each available time slot, despite varying demand for those times (golfing in the heat on Saturday at noon probably isn’t very popular!). For example, mini golf on Saturday at 6pm, or snow tubing at 10am Saturday morning, is more likely in higher demand than Tuesday afternoon mini-golf or Wednesday morning snow tubing. Catalate’s new time slot functionality allows you to offer different prices for different times, and display these rates in a way that is simple for customers to understand and book.


Using Cloud Store’s time slot functionality, you can:

  • Offer dynamically priced inventory at specific time slots
  • Maximize revenue on your best time slots and drive traffic to your less popular times using pricing strategy
  • Provide customers with a simple and clear way to book time-specific inventory

Feature Highlights:

  • Customizable start-times for any product
  • Unlimited tiers of pricing available at each time slot
  • Ability to sell various ticket types (e.g. Adult, Child) for each time slot at different prices

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