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Dynamic Pricing Strategy

Part 3 in our series is focused on our Pricing Services. Those of you who use Cloud Store are already familiar with our pricing services, which have been developed over 15 years and supported almost a billion dollars in transactions. What we’ve heard, though, is that some businesses want to use our pricing model but continue to use their own e-commerce. Enter “Pricing as a Service”. Pricing as a Service gives you access to Catalate’s proprietary pricing model and dataset to help grow advanced sales in any e-commerce environment capable of building on top of modern APIs. 

Pricing as a Service

Whether you choose to use your own e-commerce or Catalate’s full-service e-commerce platform, Cloud Store, you’ll still have access to the right data and team to help you grow. If you choose to use our Pricing Services without using our white-label e-commerce platform, we will feed our proprietary pricing model into your existing e-commerce platform via API. Either way, you’ll get access to:

  • Pricing your way: With Pricing as a Service, you have more choices. Continue to use an e-commerce system you’ve already invested in while benefiting from Catalate’s world-class pricing model, or use Cloud Store.
  • Catalate’s proprietary pricing model: Catalate’s pricing model, based on 15+ years of data, delivers a dynamic pricing model that considers real-time demand and purchase behavior to generate optimized dynamic ticket prices for every day.
  • Full-service support from our Partner Services team: Available 7 days / week during the season, our Partner Services team serves as an extension of your team to help you make the most of our tools. From loading your pricing to making on the fly changes, we’ll ensure you get the best support all season long.
  • Custom and standard performance reporting: Detailed reporting available on historical product sales, pricing trends, booking windows, and more. As part of the Catalate-network, you’ll also have access to performance benchmarking data, to better understand how you stack up against the competition.
  • Optional connectivity to Reserve with Google via Distribution Services: Regardless of how you use our pricing services, we can connect your products to Reserve with Google. With products for sale in Google search results or on Google maps, customers can easily get what they are looking for in fewer steps.

We want everyone to have access to great pricing, and now you have more choices than ever. Whether you choose Cloud Store or choose to access our pricing model via API, we’re here to help you grow revenue.

Are you an e-commerce provider interested in adding Pricing as a Service to your solution? Contact us at

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