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Discount ski lift tickets on

Part 2 in our series is focused on, where it all began! is the largest online marketing channel for skiers and snowboarders. We offer our partners the ability to drive pre-sale behavior at predictable return on spend, broadening your marketing reach while only paying for performance. We’ll say it again – you only pay for what you sell!

Your best strategy, with more exposure. The faster and more predictably you sell in advance, the more control you have over your pricing strategy. By leveraging the audience, you build a predictable visitation base faster by selling more tickets, and can drive yield as ski days come closer. 

With, you’ll see:

  • Rate Parity with Your Website – Whether you use Cloud Store or your own e-commerce store, always matches your rates, guaranteeing your pricing strategy gets in front of more eyeballs and that our marketing team is rowing in the same direction as yours. 
  • Unparalleled Access to Data – When you sell on, you can view network data to understand your relative performance to the rest of the industry. Use Cloud Store? Even better, as data further informs your pricing strategy and market awareness.
  • Move Beyond Traditional Marketing – Running an e-commerce business means nailing your pricing strategy and ensuring your marketing dollars are driving return.’s merchant model means you only pay for what you sell and requires lower marketing budget commitments.
  • Distribution Services Connectivity to Reserve with Google – Broaden your reach by using Liftopia’s distribution connectivity. Your products can be available in Google Maps and Search Results, driving the customer behaviour you seek and furthering control of your strategy.
  • More Ways to Work With – Prefer driving traffic to your website for direct sales? Ask us about our new CPC (“Cost per Click”) model that delivers high quality traffic and customers looking to buy. Prefer a smaller marketing budget and sticking to just paying for performance? Use our tried and true merchant model. is so much more than selling lift tickets on the internet. We help people find their next favorite ski area. We help people spend more time doing what they love. We deliver incredible market data back to our partners. Our goal is to drive results for you by helping you sell more in advance, at a lower cost than traditional online advertising. 

We know you don’t measure marketing performance by whether or not you spent your budget, but how much you get out of it. We’re here to help you drive maximum return.

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