The Scoop: Cloud Store

Ecommerce for Resorts and Attractions

Cloud Store is the gold standard of e-commerce driving the highest conversion rates. We would love to connect with you to help you make the most of our best-in-class white label e-commerce engine. 

With Cloud Store, you can use:

  • Pricing as a Service (PaaS) – Pricing as a service is included for all partners other than self-service level. Native to Cloud Store, our pricing services have booked close to a billion dollars in transaction volume, and ensure maximum revenue outcome for your online marketing dollars. Our proprietary pricing model will ensure you maximize pre-sale volume and overall revenue.
  • Capacity Management Tools – Launched for our water park/amusement partners, capacity management tools allow you to blend our Season Pass Reservations tool with aggregate availability to ensure you operate within any daily visitation constraint. Blended with PaaS this means maximum revenue out of every day, and maximum predictability for you and your customers.
  • Timed Ticketing – Whether you have products that start at specific times, or simply are managing your customers arrivals for safety and predictability, our timed ticketing tools ensure you make the most of your product offering. As you probably guessed, timed ticketing can be combined with our pricing services to maximize revenue and pre-sale, always.
  • Distribution Services Connectivity to Google Things To Do – Also available as a standalone service, connectivity to Google is now part of of our Cloud Store offering. Connectivity to Google allows you to seamlessly integrate into Google Maps and Search Results, driving the customer behavior you seek for your direct sales.
  • Add ons, waivers, photos, upsells, API connectivity into lodging packaging or native apps, SkiData/Axess integration, Group Ticketing, etc. – We’ve spent almost a decade building a product that is configurable to almost any need, and our business model ensures that how we build it is to drive the maximum revenue result. There are many features available that your account manager would be happy to dive into further with you.


Our premium product is backed up by premium service, and when working with Cloud Store you can be certain that the two go hand in hand. We’ve honed our processes and procedures to ensure your team and ours are wearing the same uniform. 

With Cloud Store you can expect:

  • Costless, reliable e-commerce setup as quickly as within a week
  • Fair pricing on integrations, but also easy options that aren’t hindered by legacy POS systems
  • Costless training and results driven support, including additional support hours
  • Initial dynamic pricing strategy delivered within 5 days and strategy amendments within 3 days
  • Optional dedicated Account Director and/or Analyst
  • World class standardized reporting included, custom reporting optional
  • New product creation and implementation amendments within days
  • In season 7 day a week support
  • Optional Customer Support as a Service – utilize our world class call center to serve your online customers.

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