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Catalate Analytics and Reporting

Part 4 in our series is focused on Analytics & Reporting. Catalate’s insights and analytics give you data about your business and the broader market you can’t get anywhere else. With 15 years of experience and almost a billion dollars in transactions, Catalate has seen what it takes to maximize revenue. But we won’t leave you hanging, ever! Our dedicated analytics team helps partners understand and assess performance, provide recommendations, and conduct ad-hoc analyses. We make sure you have the right tools and team to help understand how your pricing strategy is performing and make adjustments to optimize revenue. 

Analytics & Reporting

Catalate provides detailed reporting on historical product sales, pricing trends, booking windows, and more. Given the large network of resorts on the Catalateplatform, we’re able to help our partners understand their performance relative to others across a variety of metrics and comp set benchmarks. Where else could you get data about where else your customers ski? Through the Catalate network, we’re able to share data about what other ski areas your customers visit so you can better understand your guests. As part of the Catalate network, you also have access to performance benchmarking data, to see how you stack up against the competition. 

As a Catalate partner, you’ll get access to:

  • Detailed pricing performance reports
  • Benchmarking against competitors across key e-commerce metrics
  • Weekly sales summaries
  • Industry-wide market reporting
  • End of season report for your ski area
  • Industry-wide season wrap-up
  • Additional custom reporting available 

And because we’re in with you, our team is always here to take a look at the data with you side-by-side, and make amendments to your pricing strategy as needed. 

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