The Change Logs – Q3:20

The end of Q3 has certainly not been what any of us expected. Through these difficult times, our product and development teams have continued to push forward on projects that will help boost sales when life returns to “normal”.

During Q3 we focused on changes to our product that will make it easier for customers to shop, remove barriers to purchase, and better showcase your products.

New Design

We released a design update to with the intention of improving the way our partner’s products are marketed and merchandised. The new styles refer to a new standard that we can use to speed up the development of future front-end features and which will lead to a more consistent experience for users across all Liftopia platforms.

New Cloud Store Design

We released a brand new (we might even call it sleek!) look and feel for our Cloud Stores. The changes we made enable our partners to more easily brand their Cloud Stores to match their websites, and offer customers a smoother shopping experience. For example, partners can select primary and secondary colors, text colors, and fonts. 

Saved Credit Cards

Customers are now able to save credit card information to their account, allowing for expedited future purchases. Once a customer saves a credit card to their account, they don’t need to re-enter their card information during checkout and can simply select the payment method they’d like to use.  Fewer steps, more revenue!

Improved Product Merchandising

Product images can now be added to product pages on Cloud Store and to showcase special products like Cabanas or food options. If you’re selling a lift ticket + burger, we hope to see a photo of a juicy burger on your product details page soon.

Simplified Terms & Conditions During Checkout

We made a change to remove the large (scary!) “Terms and Conditions” step that occurred before the payment details page during checkout. We replaced it with a smaller section of text placed after the payment details which better matches wider industry / e-commerce standards.

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