The Change Logs – Q2:20

The Q2 change logs are here! Seasons have changed, snow is falling, and our product and engineering team is working hard as always to improve our product! And since our Engineering manager loves cats (as do I), we’ll go ahead and share this great giphy in honor of the hard work the team has put in over the past quarter.

Ok, enough cats (for now). Let’s take a look at what’s new in Q2:

SwissPass Integration
This quarter we launched direct-to-lift access via SwissPass, a popular transit card used by Swiss residents for rail transport and other travel offers. Our integration with SwissPass means that card holders can load lift tickets directly to their pass on Cloud Store and skip the ticket window at the resort. 

Support for QR Codes
We added the ability for customers to redeem tickets using QR Codes. Customers can use the QR Code in their Confirmation Email or Cloud Store account to redeem orders at a kiosk or ticket window. This saves the customer time and allows automation of the redemption process.

Accessibility Updates to Cloud Stores
To help customers better navigate Cloud Stores we’ve added labels to all drop down menus and buttons throughout Cloud Stores. Our Google Lighthouse Accessibility scores are at the top percentile (90-100) across both mobile and desktop versions of Cloud Store.

Improved Cloud Store Search Performance
We performed some database upgrades which lead to noticeable improvements in load times for Search Results page in Cloud Stores. 

Resized Guest Photos in Reports and Integrations to Work with External Systems
To better support the transfer of Guest Photos into external systems, we added some image size restrictions and perform image transformations when sending guest photos or linking to guest photos in our reports. 

Italian language support on Cloud Stores
In addition to German, French, French-Canadian, and English, resorts can now display their Cloud Stores in Italian. As we establish partnerships with a growing number of resorts in Europe, our language and currency support continues to increase.

Coming soon:

Saved Credit Cards
Once the feature has been completed, customers will have the option to save a credit card to their account during a purchase, making it faster and easier for them to check out the next time they visit your store.

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