Snowbird Finds Success with Catalate’s Group Ticketing

Snowbird Ski Resort uses Liftopia’s group ticketing functionality to lighten the load on its Sales Team

Snowbird Ski Resort, located at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon in Utah, operates a robust summer business. While you’ve probably heard of Snowbird’s great snow and breathtaking views in the winter, the mountain is bustling in the summer as well with visitors riding the resort’s alpine slide, taking scenic rides on the Aerial tram, flying high on the ropes course, and more. Snowbird’s summer attractions are often frequented by groups, coming for company outings, team events, etc.

Before this summer, Snowbird handled all Group reservations via email or phone calls to Snowbird’s Group Sales team. Of course, this took time and coordination to handle group inquiries and bookings, particularly for smaller groups that took up a lot of the team’s time. Since the Group Sales team doesn’t work 24/7 (can you believe it? Just kidding), groups would have to wait to be helped until someone was in the office during business hours.

This summer, Snowbird tried Liftopia’s new Group Ticketing functionality to handle small to medium sized groups booking the All Day Activities Pass and Aerial Tram rides.

“Having smaller sized groups be able to book 24/7 is a big positive for us,” says Simon Diggins, Director of Ski Tour & Travel Sales at Snowbird. “Our sales team is now freed to concentrate their high touch efforts on larger, more profitable groups, while smaller groups can easily book online on our Cloud Store.”

Snowbird’s trial of group tickets on Cloud Store this summer has overall been a success. “Our positive experience during summer 2019 has given us the confidence to put group lift tickets online for winter 19-20” notes Diggins.

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