Catalate Partners with Reserve with Google for Expanded Distribution

Reserve with Google becomes Catalate’s first external distribution partner 

Catalate is excited to announce enhanced distribution services, starting today through its partnership launch with Reserve with Google. This new functionality enables bookings for Catalate’s partners directly through Google products including Search, Maps, and Google Assistant.

“Buy Tickets” is available directly from Google search results

This partnership enables Catalate partners to expose their products to a large audience through search results and Maps. Additionally, since customers can buy products directly from search results, the barrier is lowered for customers to complete a purchase with a lower risk of drop-off. In a Google listing, your business appears with rates and availability, location, and hours of operation. Customers can choose to book and pay right from your Business Profile on Google without even visiting your website.

As the company grows its distribution services, Catalate aims to improve the costs of marketing and distribution for its partners, while ensuring pricing control across channels. Current pricing and product availability is passed via API from Catalate to Reserve with Google to maintain price parity between partners’ dynamic pricing strategies offered on their own websites and 3rd party distribution. Historically within the activities industry, disparate pricing between direct and 3rd party bookings have hindered providers ability to properly revenue manage their inventory. 

“As pricing strategies continue to become increasingly complex, it’s critical that businesses are able to maintain price parity across all points of distribution” says Catalate CEO, Evan Reece. “We’re excited to take a first step with Reserve with Google to enhance our distribution with that principle at the forefront.”

Product availability is shown in Google results at parity with your website

With inventory available quickly and easily in search results and Maps, customers can make purchases quickly and easily without ever leaving Google’s environment. 

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