Now Offering Pricing as a Service

World class pricing available in any e-commerce engine

Over the past 13 years, Liftopia has developed the only full-service e-commerce platform with a revenue management model, data structure, and toolset explicitly focused on dynamic pricing.  Today, Liftopia is excited to announce that its pricing model and strategy are now available for use by other e-commerce engines.

Since its inception, Liftopia has defined the industry standard for dynamic pricing strategies to drive pre-sales of all mountain experiences, from lift tickets to season passes, and has more recently brought this expertise to water parks, attractions, and other high volume ticketing businesses. While over 110 resorts and attractions use Liftopia’s e-commerce platform, now Liftopia’s pricing and analytics is available in other e-commerce systems to partners who build on top of Liftopia’s APIs. This means that partners who have already invested in alternate e-commerce engines can pull Liftopia’s pricing into those booking environments directly. Additionally, Liftopia’s pricing can be pulled into bundled lodging environments, sold within native mobile apps or microsites, and via other third-party distribution. Since the Liftopia system is the origin of all pricing, partners can receive best-in-class analytics and data about all of their online transactions to help drive incremental revenue.

With Liftopia’s new booking API, partners are able to pull price points generated from Liftopia’s pricing model into other systems. Liftopia’s proprietary, data-driven dynamic pricing model considers real-time demand and purchase behavior to generate optimized prices for every day. This pricing engine is built on millions of data points of consumer behavior online, enabling it to yield optimized prices that automatically update in response to consumer demand. The model combines a partner’s own historical data with Liftopia’s model to design a strategy that grows online bookings and revenue overall.

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