Partner Report – New Reporting from Catalate

Over the past year you have come to know and love the Weekly Market Report, which highlights weekly e-commerce trends in pricing, demand patterns, and booking patterns across the entire Liftopia platform. Recently, we released the Partner Report, which shows the same trends for a specific ski area – like yours!

One exciting new feature we’re introducing in this report is Partner Benchmarking, where you can see how your ski area performs relative to the 75th and 90th percentile performers on the platform. This allows you to analyze opportunities for your growth alongside platform trends.

If you’ve been working with us for a while, you might be wondering what differentiates the Partner Report from the rest of Liftopia’s reporting. This report is designed to highlight aspects of your pricing performance and how your ski area compares to our network, rather than focusing on more granular day-to-day details like revenue by product or expected arrivals.

We are excited to hear your feedback! If you have any questions or are interested in receiving this report, please reach out to your account manager or

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