Part 2. Using RevPASS for Industry Comparisons

(This is Part 2 of 3 of our Series: Assessing E-Commerce Performance)

In our last post, we discussed relative metrics used in airlines, hotels, and ski. While RevPASS within the ski industry is a relatively (see what I did there?) new metric, it can be used to assess performance against others in the industry. For example, you might learn from Catalate’s weekly market reports that resorts on the platform that week performed as follows:

  • The 50th Percentile for RevPASS was $0.26
  • The 90th Percentile for RevPASS was $1.49


Let’s take a look an an example calculation. 

Say your ski area has a VTF/h of 10,000. 

  • At the 50th Percentile that week, your ski area would have sold: $0.26*10,000*7 = $18,200
  • At the 90th Percentile that week, your ski area would have sold: $1.49*10,000*7 = $104,300

Now, you can compare your e-commerce revenue that week to see where you fall. 

Questions on how to do this calculation? Feel free to reach out to us at

Next week, in our final post in this series, we’ll share several other metrics you can use to analyze your e-commerce funnel. Stay tuned!

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