Our Three Favorite Early Season CTAs

These three resorts are nailing their early season website calls-to-action.

The early season and pre-season months are the time to get customers locked into ski for season, whether through date-specific tickets or season passes. We picked three resorts that are making it easy for their customers to find and buy their products. We don’t want customers to have to work too hard, right?

Red Lodge Mountain

#1: Red Lodge Mountain, Montana
Why? Several brighly colored red buttons make it easy for customers to know where to buy tickets. Red Lodge Mountain takes advantage of space in both the top header as well as the main hero image to funnel customers into their store. The messaging to “Skip the Ticket Office” is enticing as well.

Red Lodge Resort Homepage with CTAs

Val Cenis

#2: Val Cenis, France
Why? Val Cenis is nailing customer education with the large “Anticipez. Économisez.” text on the homepage followed by an impossible-to-miss button to their Cloud Store. For those of you who don’t speak French, that’s “Buy Online & Save”, our favorite message to consumers.

Val Cenis Resort Homepage with CTAs

Giant’s Ridge

#3: Giant’s Ridge, Minnesota
Why: An appealing clickable hero image encourages customers to get their season pass now, while an additional blue CTA on the header contrasts starkly with the brown banner.

Giant's Ridge Homepage with CTAs

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