New Cloud Store Features Launching May 2017

We are excited to be launching a variety of new features of our Cloud Store product in May 2017! Our goal for Cloud Store is to be the best e-commerce ticketing platform for your ski area website. We want to make your life easier and let our best-in-class software and service team do the heavy lifting for you. Successful e-commerce is more than just software. With Cloud Store, you can partner your team, your strategy, your pricing, and your customers with the best e-commerce team and technology in the industry.

What’s New in Cloud Store:

  • Improved Mobile-First Design
  • Faster, Fully Responsive Layout
  • In-Path Photo Collection
  • In-Path Waiver Collection
  • Saved Credit Cards
  • Infinite Ticket Types
  • Custom Categories
  • In-Path Shipping Address Collection
  • Foreign Language & Currency Support

Existing Cloud Store Features:

  • Customizable, dynamic pricing with unlimited tiers and time-based changes
  • Real-time purchasing dashboards & business intelligence tools
  • Dated search & calendar browse user interfaces
  • Specialized, custom analytics
  • Fully PCI DSS 3.0 compliant
  • Optional outsourced customer support 
  • Continually improved user experience
  • Integrated algorithmic fraud prevention
  • Training + ongoing support included
  • Included chargeback management and fee coverage
  • 24/7/365 on-call engineering team & uptime monitoring
  • Free maintenance and operational support
  • Payment processing & gateway redundancy
  • Benchmarking against hundreds of other ski areas


With these new improvements, we have improved our mobile optimized design and user experience and have completely overhauled the purchase path and included with enhanced data collection features designed to seamlessly support photos, waivers and shipped passes.  Also new are infinite ticket types (we were previously limited to 3; example: Adult, Junior, Child) as well as advanced payment processing and saved payment methods.

Cloud Store has no upfront costs and a flexible fee structure. You’ll be live with a customized store in a matter of days, ready to generate ticket revenue. We pride ourselves on having no delays or broken promises.  We offer collaborative custom solutions which include product set-up, price loading and updates, integration, redemption, optimization, and marketing.

With Cloud Store, you can leverage our analytics team, at no extra charge, to inform your pricing strategy and provide custom analysis. You own the data, we help you act on it.

Success is not just the software you choose, it’s how you use it. Contact us to learn why Cloud Store is right for you.

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