E-Commerce Trends This Season

A look at what’s happened so far in the North American ski industry

At our west regional NSAA presentation this year, we took a look at North American trends in e-commerce this season. In case you missed it, we’re going to share seven trends we’re seeing so far this season.

Ongoing rapid expansion in online sales:

On average, we’re seeing same-store-sales growth of ~40% YOY season-to-date. By same-store- sales, we mean we’re only looking at resorts that sold online both last year and this year.

High demand throughout the Holidays:

We saw high, plateaued demand through this year’s holiday period. In past seasons, this demand pattern has shown more “peaks” based on the days of week of major Holidays.

Pricing strategy success

Pricing is being used to smooth consumption and maximize revenue. Looking at RPS (Revenue per Search) and RevPASS, we see decreased variation in performance across days of varying demand as a result of appropriate date-specific pricing.

Continued balance of yield/booking window

Resorts are using pricing strategy to gain customer commitment. As booking window decreases, yields rise.

Booking window is healthy

On average, customers are booking 7.45 days in advance, for trip dates that have occured, season-to-date.

Ancillary items are hot

Resorts are selling (and customers are buying) ancillary items with lift tickets. 16.04% of non-pass orders contain ancillary items so far this season.

Region RevPASS variability

Varying levels of pre-sold RevPASS by region with the Southeast, Northeast, and Pacific Northwest showing as leaders.

And for a full picture, here is a snapshot of what’s happenened season to date by region.

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