is a Guaranteed 4.6x Return on Marketing Spend.


Liftopia is a marketing channel that offers guaranteed return with no upfront cost. Liftopia’s 15% margin means you generate $4.60 in ticket sales for every dollar you spend. has a unique audience.  A study of 110 ski areas that sold on and used Liftopia’s ecommerce engine to power the ticket sales on their own websites showed an average buyer overlap of just 1.8%.

screenshot-2017-01-19-13-54-37 has a big audience.  In 2015-2016 +450,000 users opted in to emails from Liftopia.  +300,000 users downloaded the Liftopia iOS app. had +3.6 million unique visitors who generated +4.8 million unique searches.  


Broaden the reach of your resort marketing and get your brand and your prices in front of millions of skiers and snowboarders. Be where they are buying.


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