Initial Roll-Out of Catalate’s Rain Guarantee Product Shows Strong Results

Sensible Weather Catalate Partnership

Catalate, in partnership with Gulf Islands Waterpark, tested a new rain guarantee product this summer, designed to give customers peace of mind booking tickets to resorts or attractions in regions impacted by unpredictable rain. Rain guarantees offer customers more confidence to book their tickets knowing they’ll be reimbursed 100% for experiences that don’t meet expectations due to rain.

Catalate is partnering with Sensible Weather, which monitors microscale weather phenomena down to the hour using the best available forecasts. Shopping on Cloud Store, a customer can choose to add a rain guarantee to their tickets for a small fee. Unlike other guarantee products, payouts are initiated automatically, without customer or resort involvement, if it is forecast to rain for 3 hours or more during park hours on the date of their visit. Sensible also handles customer support on behalf of the park.

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“The ability to offer our guests a rain guarantee further encourages people to buy in advance on our Cloud Store, locking in the revenue for us and offering the customer an avenue of protection from something no one can control,” says Mark Moore, GM at Gulf Islands Waterpark. “It’s even better that it requires no work on our end or the customer’s, and that neither parties have to worry about the pains of a typical insurance claim.”

The pilot test with Gulf Islands this past summer showed promising results, with a 49% attach rate of rain guarantees to eligible orders, and a low customer support contact rate of only 2%. The rain guarantee product is a win-win for customers and resorts; customers are happy rain or shine, and parks are the beneficiaries of higher conversion rates, an entirely new revenue stream from the guarantee, happy customers, and protection from refunds.

While Catalate will be continuing several beta-tests this winter, the rain guarantee feature will be available more widely for use next summer. If you’d like to learn more about rain guarantees and how your resort or attraction could offer them in the future, click here!

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