How Does Your Ski Area Stack Up?

By working with over 250 resorts worldwide, Liftopia has unique access to data you need. Let us help you make the best, data-driven decisions you can. Here’s a look at what’s available:


Price Efficiency Different days have different values, see how well your pricing performs on a day by day basis, relative to demand, and make necessary adjustments to maximize revenue.

Demand By capturing dated search patterns on our platform, we show you when your customers want to go skiing. Focusing on customer intent vs. our gut feelings about demand informs better pricing decisions.

Price Integrity We can programmatically uncover errors or inversions created by price movements in your strategy across all of your products and ticket types, ensuring that your strategy generates the most revenue as possible at all times.

Customer Crossover Liftopia can tell you how often your customers are skiing at other resorts and how much money they are spending.


Email Addresses Capture customer data to market to them before and after their visit.

Buying Behavior Know when your customers are buying tickets–how far in advance, what time of day, in response to which marketing campaigns.

Geography Know where your customers are coming from.


Market Demand We use dated searches as a proxy for demand for each ski date across resorts, regions and the entire continent.

Benchmarking See how well your e-commerce is performing compared to other resorts across the world.

Pricing Trends See pricing trends across 250 resorts with respect to window rates, advance purchase rates, and yield ratios.


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