Why Homewood chose Liftopia’s Cloud Store Customer Support as a Service

Photo Courtesy of Homewood Mountain Resort

Ski season will be here before you know it! We know how hard it can be to hire and train seasonal staff each winter. That’s why we offer outsourced customer support for your Cloud Store. Rather than hire and rain a team in house, our experienced team of customer service agents can answer the phone and emails on your behalf. To give you an insider look into what it’s like to use Cloud Store Support, we interviewed Connor McCarthy, Resort Services Director at Homewood Mountain Resort about his experience using it for the first time last winter. 

From Connor:

Connor McCarthy

“Prior to using Liftopia’s Cloud Store Support, our Guest Services and Administrative Teams were entirely responsible for handling all phone and online orders. It can be challenging at times for our team to stay on top of all phone calls, in addition to providing service to all guests on site, particularly during peak and holiday times. In order to provide the best customer service possible to all of our guests, we decided to try Liftopia’s Cloud Store Support during the 2018/19 season. The solution helped route some online and telephone customers to Liftopia representatives, allowing our Guest Services Team to handle all guest inquiries at the resort in a timely manner. While we still see extremely high phone and email traffic during peak and holiday seasons, Cloud Store Support helped alleviate pressure on our team during those times.

While our experience with Cloud Store Support has overall been very positive, we had to work out some minor kinks during the initial set up to bridge the gap between our on-site operation and the Liftopia team off-site – something not unexpected. The Liftopia team worked hard to grow their knowledge of our products and offerings.

Guests can be frustrated when they cannot reach a live person when calling any type of customer service line, so Cloud Store Support ultimately helped our team with that need. Customers often didn’t realize that they were even talking to Liftopia versus our onsite staff, so being able to connect with someone immediately was a great advantage for us.

I think the benefits of having additional support outweigh the minimal operational challenges that we saw at first.  Moving into next season we plan on doing additional training with Liftopia’s Support Team to better familiarize them with our products. I would recommend the Liftopia Cloud Store to other resorts who are looking for a bit more support as it helps mitigate some of the staffing challenges that a ski resort can see with seasonal operations.”  

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