Four Products You Should Offer Online

We talk a lot (some of you might say too much) about pricing around here, so we’ll take some time now to talk about which products are most important to offer on your e-commerce. There’s certainly a delicate balance of offering too few products with too many, and running the risk of overwhelming your customers. We recommend offering a balance of products your customers expect (like the ability to book a rental), with those that might surprise and delight them while earning you extra revenue. 

Without further ado, here are four products we believe your e-commerce shouldn’t be live without:

Lift Ticket + Rental Packages

Black and white ski boot

Why You Should Sell It: Prevent your customers from renting gear at a ski shop in town or borrowing from a friend, and earn extra revenue

Why Your Customers Love It: Convenience. Knowing that they’ve already reserved rentals means less stress and more enjoyment when they arrive are your ski area. 

Lift Ticket + F/B Credits

Black and white forest

Why You Should Sell It: Offering a lift ticket paired with food credit means your customers will eat in your dining facilities instead of bringing their own lunch. You also have the opportunity to highlight a unique offering at your ski area, like Arapahoe Basin’s signature lift ticket + bacon bloody mary. 

Why Your Customers Love It: By the time it’s ski day, the food voucher feels like “free money”. As a paying customer myself, I can promise you it’s true!


Black and white upside down skier

Why You Should Sell It: This might sound familiar, but customer commitment is key! You can also use booking data ahead of time to plan instructor staffing.

Why Your Customers Love It: Similar to rentals, knowing your lesson is booked ahead of time is a big day-of stress relief. 

Anytime Tickets

Black and white lift ticket pass

Why You Should Sell It: The Anytime Ticket is the Business Class ticket to your ski resort. It gives customers something to buy (cha ching!) who can’t or don’t want to commit to a specific date.

Why Your Customers Love It: Anytime Tickets (when priced appropriately of course), give customers more flexibility to choose their ski date. Since not everyone wants to commit ahead of time to a specific date, an Anytime Ticket is a great option for a consumer who is willing to spend a little more in exchange for a more flexible option.

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