Five Steps to More Revenue Online $ ?

The season is approaching and customers are excited to visit your resort this winter. Is it easy for customers to find your tickets and passes? It’s impossible to maximize your pre-sold revenue and make the most of your marketing if customers aren’t easily and efficiently funneled into your store. Let’s take a look at a quick case study:

The Situation:

  • Two partners in the Midwest Region (which we’ll call “Partner X” and “Partner Y”)
  • Approximately the same annual winter visitation
  • Both use Liftopia’s e-commerce platform, “Cloud Store”

Over the course of the 17-18 season, Partner X generated 18,000 searches into their store, while Partner Y generated over 60,000. Partner Y vastly outperformed Partner X in revenue by ~2.5X.

How can you make sure you don’t fall behind in searches? We can help!

Here are a few points you should consider as you structure your website CTAs:

  • Make your CTA highly visible, located “above the fold”
  • Use contrasting colors
  • Make sure customers can get into your store with 1-click
  • Every page that talks about lift tickets should have a CTA
  • Don’t forget CTAs in all customer emails

Want to see a few examples? Let’s look at three top-notch examples of Liftopia partners making it easy for customers to find their store:

  • Plattekill – Consistent header CTA telling customers to “Buy Online & Save”. You can’t miss that button.


  • King Pine – That orange button to “Buy Tickets” cannot be missed. Does your eye go straight towards it too?


  • Mount Snow – It’s impossible to miss the big red button directing customers to Buy Online. Does it look familiar? Mount Snow has been using it like pros for years!




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