Cloud Store: Promotional Codes


You asked and we listened! Liftopia’s Cloud Store partners can now offer individual customers and groups promotional discounts as a part of marketing campaigns as well as a customer service solution.  

Liftopia’s Cloud Store promotional credits allow you to market and service your customers in a whole new way, while more effectively accomplishing your goals.

Some use cases:

  • You’ve identified a list of 500 dormant customers who have not visited in the past two seasons. Reactivate those relationships and encourage them to purchase again with an email campaign containing an offer for a limited time promotional discount.
  • On Sunday, a family has a mixup in the rental shop that takes an additional time to resolve for the six of them. Create a one-off promo discount code to appease the guest and encourage them to come back to your the mountain.
  • You get word that the church from the nearby city is planning a ski trip.  Create a campaign that gives that group a special promotional discount on the specific dates they will be skiing.
  • You are planning your mountain’s 25th anniversary party weekend and you want the mountain to be packed. Create a campaign exclusively for your anniversary weekend.  
  • You are sponsoring an event, like a ski movie premier or a ski show, and want to offer a special to the attendees. Create a batch of codes to distribute.

We have also built an interface to easily manage promotional code creation and redemption tracking for each campaign you run. You can generate codes to email to individuals, print on media, and more. All codes provide a certain dollar discount (of your choosing) off online order totals. You can set these codes to expire whenever you’d like.  Each code is unique and can only be redeemed once. This protects you from a general discount code that could be distributed widely on sites like or online ski forums.

Keep in mind, this feature is not to be used as a credit in lieu of refund and carries no cash value. These promotional credits cannot be refunded or exchanged and can only be applied as discounts to buy online goods in the Cloud Store. If an order is refunded, the promotional discount code is not “refunded”. Your customer support team can generate and offer a new code if that is the best practice they choose.  

We think this a huge step forward as it empowers our partners to enhance their customer’s experience and drive incremental revenue through sales and promotions done on our their own terms.  

For more information, contact us at or call 1-800-349-0870.

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