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The Liftopia Partner Operations team has been kicking off onboarding and training for this winter’s season. We are always happy to fully train our Cloud Store partners’ teams and share our online support best practices as part of our service commitment to resorts. However, this year we have a new option for Cloud Store support. Now our resort partners can leverage our support team to provide their ecommerce support.

Outsource your Cloud Store customer support to Liftopia’s world-class team of customer support professionals. We provide a complete support operation for your online lift-ticket sales including phone, email and chat engagement. We reduce your overhead costs as well as lessen the need to staff, train, and manage an online support team in-house.

The Cloud Store support team provides pre & post-sales support for all Cloud Store customer service contacts.  We are an extension of your staff and answer the phones as an agent of your mountain.  Our agents are experienced in ski ticketing and have strong product knowledge.  The support center is open 7 days a week beginning in November through April with 12-hour coverage from 6am to 6pm PST.  We typically answer phone inquiries in 35-40 seconds and email inquiries in less than 2 hours.  Set up is seamless. We help with the creation of phone trees, set up email routing and make sure your staff is trained and ready to go.

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With our experienced, highly trained representatives that know ski ticketing and understand your mountain you will reduce your seasonal employment challenges and costs, better predict spend, increase your revenue and decrease the instances of refunds. Now you can leverage our large staff for consistent service with no off-days or lag times and achieve a world-class Customer Satisfaction Score.


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