Catalate Platform E-Commerce Market Overview 2016-2017

It’s hard to believe we are already more than halfway through the summer and starting to prepare ourselves for winter 2017/18. I am always amazed at how quickly the summer goes by and how soon we’ll see snow again. Thank you for those of you who worked with us this past winter! We are fortunate to get to work alongside you in this industry that we love so much.

With this blog post, you’ll find one more small step that we are taking to push the value of your participation on our platform back to our industry. The data certainly does not represent the entire industry, but we believe that it represents a decent snapshot of trends, and we have attempted to control for anomalies in as many instances as possible. The report represents ~250 ski areas in North America that market their ticket sales on, and ~110 ski areas that use our platform for their own direct e-commerce ticket sales. As we work with more of you, the dataset becomes more useful We will keep working hard with you as a strong partner for our industry and to bring value back to all of you beyond simple marketing ROI or e-commerce software solutions.

Regardless of whether you currently work with us, I hope this report opens your eyes to the questions you can and should start asking. We don’t have everything, but we’re happy taking feedback/suggestions as to how we can improve the data that we provide to you.

Cheers to an amazing summer and please be in touch if we can be helpful as you approach next winter.

Thank you!


Evan V. Reece

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