Catalate Brings Dynamic Ski Pricing to Arosa Lenzerheide, Largest Ski Resort in Graubünden Region of Switzerland

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Partnership in Swiss Alps is an Industry-First in the Region for Largest Technology Platform in the Ski Industry

Liftopia pioneered dynamic pricing in North America for ski resorts, and now we have  launched our first partnership in the Swiss Alps with Arosa Lenzerheide (Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG and Arosa Bergbahnen AG). This is the first partnership in Switzerland for Liftopia, the largest resort technology platform and online and mobile marketplace in the ski and mountain activity industry. Arosa Lenzerheide, an idyllic winter sports destination with 225km of available terrain, is the largest ski resort in the Graubünden region of Switzerland.

Liftopia’s experience developing dynamic pricing strategies for more than 110+ lift companies empowers Arosa Lenzerheide to drive greater pre-sales by maximizing online pricing efficiency. Arosa Lenzerheide’s new webshop, powered by Liftopia’s Cloud Store/LTI Booking platform, has dynamic pricing built into its foundation.

While some lift companies have flexible pricing (different static prices on different days) for the season based on historical data, Liftopia combined Arosa Lenzerheide’s data with its own proprietary pricing model to offer Arosa Lenzerheide a compelling pricing strategy and consumers a highly attractive price range for each day of the season. When demand is low, the price goes up more slowly, and increases as demand increases for each day. Instead of one price for each day, there is a range of pricing that reacts to consumer demand.

We only get one opportunity to maximize sales for each day of the season,” says Christian Wyrsch, Sales Manager at Arosa Lenzerheide. “Our partnership with Liftopia has helped us develop a strategic-pricing strategy to generate the most revenue every day of the season, despite weather conditions and other factors that influence demand.”

According to Liftopia CEO Evan Reece, “As more lift companies contemplate dynamic pricing, the success of their strategies will be tied to the underlying data they use. Their pricing philosophy, pricing model, and most importantly how they measure the success of their strategies over time will elevate those who do it best.” He added, “Lift companies like Arosa Lenzerheide that understand how to interpret consumer intent in their real time data will see the highest quality results, and ultimately this means that those with the best data will win.

Liftopia’s approach affords lift companies more financial and operational predictability from pre-sales, without dependence on weather and the uncertainty that comes with last-minute decision making.

“Since we began working with Liftopia, the results have far outpaced our expectations and created a win-win situation with our skiers,” says Wyrsch. “Skiers who plan early and book the ‘First Minute Deal’ are rewarded with a better price, and those who want to wait to buy still get a fair price at the window.”

Liftopia’s pricing and distribution services are now available in Europe for winter 2017/18, offering an e-commerce solution where dynamic pricing is not an afterthought. Since its inception in 2005, Liftopia developed and continues to evolve the only e-commerce webshop solution with a revenue management model, data structure, and toolset explicitly focused on dynamic pricing. The brand’s key focus is to help partners maximize online pre-sales.

For more information on how your ski resort or large attraction can get the benefits of Liftopia’s Cloud Store with dynamic pricing, contact:

Kathryn Quinn – Director, Sales & Development
Liftopia Inc.
(415) 653-8931

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