Catalate announces “Pure Pricing”!

As ski areas grow their pre-sale business they increasingly focus on the components of the e-commerce funnel. Between the traffic that comes in and the revenue that comes out is the most important e-commerce metric – conversion rate. The biggest influencer of conversion rate is pricing strategy, which ultimately impacts return on marketing spend.

How can you grow your pre-sale volume and improve conversion rate? The answer is with Liftopia’s Pure Pricing Model, new for the winter 2018/2019 season.

Liftopia’s Pure Pricing means…

  • Greater pre-sale volume than ever before
  • More operational predictability, and the ability to more effectively plan daily operations
  • Greater revenue maximization for every day of the year alongside yield growth
  • Notable improvement of return on marketing spend and greater overall revenue

Liftopia’s Analytics team, with access to years of performance data from over 200 ski and summer attractions, has designed a framework to drive pre-sale volume like never before. As the industry heads towards more revenue booked in advance, Liftopia’s Pure Pricing Model will enable resorts not only to collect more data from increased pre-sales but to collect better data, empowering more efficient marketing by you. 



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