CASE STUDY: Collaborative Problem Solving

Problem Solving with Cloud Store

All of our partners face unique challenges, and all use the Liftopia Platform differently to solve problems. Our most successful partners incorporate eCommerce into their broadest, long-term goals. Read on to find out how a partner uses the Liftopia Platform as a big-picture solution for several unique challenges.

The Story

Meet Lee Canyon Las Vegas Ski Resort (LCLV), a ski area situated less than an hour from the Strip. While locals and experts enjoy LCLV’s backcountry skiing and hike-to terrain, some mistake the resort as simply an extension of downtown Vegas amusements, resulting in a clientele dominated by beginners and tourists. With the nearest competitors three hours away, LCLV competes not against other resorts, but against the elements and the plentiful distractions of their name-sake city. And although an average snow year nets 220”, the 2013-14 season is the worst in history, with only 57” accumulated snowfall.

A partner since 2011, LCLV tests Cloud Store at the end of the 2012-2013 season. Pleased with their initial success, they go all in with the Liftopia Platform for 2013-14, adopting automated pricing and driving customers through their Cloud Store with a consistent, advance-purchase, “Buy Online and Save” message. Here are some pain points the Liftopia Platform helps to alleviate during a dismal snow year:

Challenge: The last-minute mentality of customers coming from Las Vegas, coupled with the abundance of alternatives to explore in town, results in a short booking window, low commitment from skiers and riders, and missed revenue opportunities.

Goal: Increase booking window and advance-purchase commitment.

Solution: LVSSR raises their window rate to $70, up from $50 for midweek tickets and $60 for weekend/holiday tickets. They don’t post the window rate on their website, and push customers to “Buy Online and Save.” By driving customers through their Cloud Store, LCLV turns curious customers into committed, advance-purchase transactions.

Challenge: Beginner customers are often unfamiliar with the ski industry. They are quickly overwhelmed with the complexity of ticket choices, rentals, lessons, etc.

Goal: Make it easy for first-timers to find the right products and have a positive experience on the slopes.

Solution: LCLV adopts Cloud Store as their online store. Customers select their ability level on the LCLV homepage and are automatically funneled to appropriate products on the Cloud Store (beginners are sent to a Lift Ticket and Rental, etc). While offering more products generally drives more sales, due to their unique clientele and challenges, LCLV starts simple and offers only three products: a 1 Day Lift Ticket, a 1 Day Lift Ticket + Rental (which includes a complimentary coaching session), and tickets for their Snow Kids Program, an all-day ski school where children can improve their skills while parents enjoy the mountain.

Challenge: The online store is outdated and not user friendly.

Goal: ECommerce that is easy to navigate and drives transactions.

Solution: By adopting Cloud Store, LCLV is able to take advantage of a customized eCommerce store that has already been heavily user-tested, so customers can transact with confidence and ease. Prominent CTAs on the LVSSR website make it easy for customers to buy in advance.

The Results

Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort fully adopts the platform to sell on both and Cloud Store in 2013-14. Their eCommerce revenue increases by 346% year over year. Yield on Liftopia Platform tickets increases just over 50%, while overall resort yield increases 15%. Forty-four percent of paid skier visits (non-season-pass visits) are booked through LCLV’s Cloud Store, bringing guaranteed revenue. Booking window increases from three to four days, and all during the worst snow year the mountain has seen, ever. Despite being a challenging season weather-wise, Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort counts it as a success, and attributes that success in part to switching to Liftopia’s advance-purchase pricing strategies and selling directly from their website with Cloud Store.

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