Big Updates to our Arrivals Reporting

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Now that we have tools in place to manage season pass reservations and timed ticketing, we’ve spent some time thinking through the best ways to report on and share booking patterns with our partners taking advantage of these features.

The questions we wanted to provide answers to through our reporting include:

  • Which time slots are most popular for guests for any given day?
  • Are any time slots close to selling out for any given day?
  • How do daily arrivals compare between season pass holders and day ticket buyers?

To provide daily information to our partners, we’ve added two new visuals to the daily “Arrivals & E-Commerce Funnel” report that is programmatically sent out each morning via email. 

Arrivals by Time Slot
This visual shows the number of arrivals for the day booked by time slot at the time the report is sent out. The blue portion of the bar represents the number of units sold, while the grey portion of the bar represents the quantity remaining at that time slot. The information provided in this graphic can be used to inform daily operations and future pricing decisions.

Reservations vs. Dated Arrivals
This chart shows the split between dated arrivals and reservations for the past 7 days, and 14 days in the future. The blue portion of the bar represents dated ticket sales for the day, and the green portion of the bar represents dateless product reservations, such as season passes or any time tickets requiring reservations.

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