Balancing Season Pass Visits and Day Tickets Sales with Capacity Constrained Operations

In conversations with operators over the past several weeks, a big topic of discussion has been how to manage season pass visitation with day ticket sales when attractions and resorts re-open. Pre-sales of day tickets are very predictable (and that is the point after all!). You know exactly how many guests are expected to arrive each day, and in the absence of season pass visits, could exactly manage COVID-19 daily capacity constraints. 

Season pass visits, however, have historically been unpredictable. With the luxury of a season pass, customers can choose to visit your attraction whenever they’d like, making decisions based on weather, how they feel in the morning, etc. With strict capacity guidelines in place in most places, there have been a lot of questions about how to gain predictability from season pass visits to effectively comply with regulations. 

Many software companies have had to quickly pivot their product roadmap to try and solve these problems. Since our platform has always been based on managing/directing consumer demand, we’re excited about our unique approach to balancing season pass reservations in the context of day pass revenue maximization and sales. While the functionality is still in progress, our new features will enable season pass holders, whether they purchased on our platform or not, to make a free reservation for a specific date through this software functionality, enabling resorts and attractions to balance day ticket buyers and season pass holder visits. The new passholder reservation system, along with our existing features (like time-based bookings and capacity limits), are specifically designed to help your business manage visitation and importantly maximize revenue when operations are constrained.

So stay tuned, we’ll have more details coming soon.

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