Despite a shorter season, Arosa Lenzerheide shows continued growth in 3rd year of partnership with Liftopia

Culminates in 3-year contract extension

9.0M CHF →  13.7M CHF (2018-19 VS. 2019-20)

Arosa Lenzerheide, the largest ski resort in the Graubünden region of Switzerland, began its partnership with Liftopia in the 2017-2018 season with the following goals:

  1. Double ticket revenue online from 200K CHF to 400K CHF (primary goal)
  2. In the medium term, over 50% of tickets are purchased online, in advance

In its first and second seasons of partnership with Liftopia, Arosa Lenzerheide vastly exceeded its primary goal, to grow online revenue beyond 400K CHF. During its first season using Liftopia’s dynamic pricing model and e-commerce tools, online revenue grew to 5.3M CHF. In the following season, this number almost doubled to 9.0M CHF. And finally, in the 19-20 ski season, which ended abruptly across the world due to COVID-19, online sales nonetheless approached 14M CHF. 

The total percentage of online sales, which started as 25% in the 17-18 season, and rose to 37% in the 18-19 season, surpassed 58% this season*, achieving Arosa Lenzerheide’s secondary goal. While online sales continued to grow each season since implementing a dynamic pricing strategy, Arosa Lenzerheide also increased its overall ETP** (effective or average ticket price) both in 2018-19 and 2019-20 compared to the previous seasons.

“We continue to be extremely happy with the results we’ve seen from our partnership with Liftopia,” says Philipp Holenstein, CEO Arosa Bergbahnen. “The greater percentage of revenue we can achieve in advance, the more insulated we are against factors outside of our control, and the better data we can secure about our customers to serve them more effectively.”

Of guests buying online during the 19-20 season, more than 60% used the opportunity to load their ticket directly to their Skidata card or SwissPass. “As a large proportion of our guests now load their keycard on Cloud Store, we’ve seen a significant decrease in waiting times at our cash desk,” says Christian Wyrsch, Sales Manager at Arosa Lenzerheide. “This improves the guest experience for customers that have purchased in advance as well as for those that are buying same-day at the resort.”

After three successful seasons, Liftopia and Arosa Lenzerheide entered into a new three-year agreement starting in the 20-21 winter season.

*of 4-hour-ticket, afternoon ticket and 1-14 day tickets
**of 4-hour-ticket, afternoon ticket and 1-14 day tickets sold off- and online

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