Arosa Lenzerheide Wraps Up a Second Successful Season Using Cloud Store

Another year of partnership with Liftopia delivers strong results for Arosa Lenzerheide

5.3M CHF →  9.0M CHF (2017-18 VS. 2018-19)

After one year of success, you might say it was a fluke. But after two years of consistent results, this is something we can call a trend. Arosa Lenzerheide, the largest ski resort in the Graubünden region of Switzerland, began its partnership with Liftopia in the 2017-2018 season. After a successful first season using Liftopia’s proprietary pricing model (online revenue growth of 26X), the resort signed an additional two year-agreement with Liftopia.

During the 2018-2019 season, Arosa Lenzerheide saw online sales practically double again, growing from 5.3M CHF to 9.0M CHF.

“The transition to a dynamic pre-sales strategy two years ago was successful in several ways: We as a lift company saw a positive effect both on skier days and on revenue” says Christian Wysrch, Sales Manager at Arosa Lenzerheide. “Furthermore, dynamic prices, selling online and the ability to directly load a SkiData card met the needs of our guests. Due to the data available now from online sales, we also got to know our guests better.”

When Arosa Lenzerheide initially switched to a dynamic pricing strategy two years ago, the resort had a goal of growing the percentage of online sales to 50% of total revenue. In the first season alone, the share of online ticket sales grew to 25%, and that number continued to rise this past season, ending at 37% of revenue pre-sold online.* Additionally, a dynamic pricing strategy focused on pre-sales helped insulate Arosa Lenzerheide against unpredictable weather by locking in revenue across all days of the season in advance. While guest visitation varies throughout the season (for example, more guests on weekends than on weekdays), Wyrsch noticed this season that visitation patterns from guests who bought tickets online were less variable.

Blue Line = Skier days from tickets purchased online
Orange Line = Skier days from tickets at the ticket window

Over the past two seasons, Arosa Lenzerheide has been pleasantly surprised with the transition for its guests from more offline to more online sales. While guests have responded very well to buying online, the resort will continue to focus on making the transaction experience as easy as possible, and ensuring a fast pick-up process for guests who did not reload a keycard.

We look forward to seeing this positive trend continue in year three!

*Of offerings that were available both online and at the cash desk

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