A Look at Catalate’s Reporting

You’ve probably heard us talk a lot about the data and reporting that our Analytics team shares with our partners. The purpose of these reports is to give our partners a better understanding of their performance relative to prior performance, and more importantly relative to the rest of the market. (This is particularly important when we’re looking at opportunities to optimize a dynamic pricing strategy.)

If you’re curious about the types of reporting and analytics we make available to our partners, you’ve come to the right place! Below we’ve shared a few anonymized reports for you to take a look through. While this is not an exhaustive list, this assortment should give you a good idea of the type of data you’d have access to with Liftopia.

Weekly Reporting

We offer a few different types of weekly reporting, but the major goals of these reports is to:

  • Summarize sales trends from the past week and year-to-date. These types of reports focus largely on revenue, split out by product, purchaser location, order date, etc.
  • Examine performance in terms of conversion, pricing trends, and the conversion funnel.

Customer Demographics

A common request we get from partners is to help them understand more about their customers, such as where they live, and where else they ski.

End of Season Reports

  • Roll-up of results from an entire season looking at the different parts of the e-commerce funnel. These reports vary from year to year but we always focus on resort performance and resort performance relative to other resorts on the platform. We talked more about what goes into an End of Season report here.

Michael Ansemli, Boyne Resorts

“The reporting and dashboards provided by Liftopia have given our team invaluable insights not only about performance of the resorts within our portfolio but also how we are doing compared to the larger comp set within the Liftopia.com network.”
Michael Anselmi, Boyne Resorts

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