4 Things You Didn’t Know About Cloud Store

Our team is always hard at work adding awesome new features and functionality to our white-label e-commerce platform, Cloud Store.  Every change we make to Cloud Store is driven by our focus to improve conversion rates on the platform, whether as a result of pricing strategy or usability. Focusing on conversion rates is one of the most effective ways to drive efficient return on marketing, and after all, we want you to earn the greatest amount of revenue for every dollar you spend. From running an e-commerce brand ourselves (the Liftopia.com marketplace), we know improving conversion is key for e-commerce as marketing gets more expensive and competitive.

With that, we want to share four things you may not know about Cloud Store that we’ve been working on, all aimed at improving and increasing conversion.

  1. Group Ticketing – The pricing strategy for group tickets, like that for individual day tickets, should be based on the day’s popularity. We recently released functionality to empower sales of dynamically priced group tickets. The group price for a particular Saturday should likely be different from that than a particular Tuesday, and the quantity of tickets available per day might fluctuate by day as well. 
  2. Time Slots – At this point many ski resorts, water parks, and other ticketing businesses understand the benefits of offering different prices on different days since visitation patterns are highly variable. In June, we announced a new and improved time slot feature, enabling our partners to offer dynamic pricing from time slot to time slot as well as day by day. For example, mini-golf on Saturday at 6pm should be priced differently than at 10am.
  3. Integration with Root Rez – Our integration with lodging partner, Root Rez, enables customers to buy lodging and lift tickets together with truly dynamic packaging. Using Liftopia’s latest APIs, we’re able to offer a hotel and lift ticket packaging option for resorts that want to sell bundled packages and get their customers everything they need at once.
  4. Cloud Store Customer Support – While this isn’t a traditional “product” feature exactly, having great customer support for online transactions give consumers confidence and help them complete purchases they had questions about or issues with. Our in-house team of highly trained customer support agents can provide customer support for your Cloud Store, reducing your need to hire and train a team in-house. Over 10+ of our partners take advantage of this unique service.

Want to learn more about any of these features? Please contact us at partners@liftopia.com or 1-844-254-9170.

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