Liftopia’s 2018/2019 Market Overview Report is Here

A Note from Danny, Partner Enablement & Analytics at Liftopia

First things first: thank you for an amazing winter!

Before you pack away your skis (or snowboard) for the summer, we’d like to share our 2018/19 Market Overview report. Our Market Overview report summarizes industry-wide trends from the past season, both in raw numbers as well as relative metrics. If you follow our blog, you may be familiar with the Weekly Market Pulse Report we released earlier the season to unearth market-level data on a regular basis. The 2018/19 Market Overview expands on many of the concepts we introduced to present unique insights focused on e-commerce trends of the North American ski industry and normalized metrics to help you assess your own e-commerce performance.

Some major components of this report include:

  • Season Overview: Success metrics for the past season and year-over-year change for: searches / visit, demand capture, revenue / searches, average order size, and revenue / visits. “Partner Direct” (Cloud Store) and are shown separately to highlight how bookings vary between channels. This section also contains booking patterns in geographies across North America year-over-year.
  • Normalized Performance (RevPASS): How RevPASS was distributed across trip dates this season as well as the top 15 partners measured by RevPASS for each channel.
  • Same Store Sales Growth: The distribution of year-over-year revenue growth for partners who sold lift tickets directly on their own website or both this season and last season.
  • Booking and Pricing Patterns: Using metrics like ticket yield ratio and average booking window, this section highlights how booking and pricing patterns vary for each ski date Similarly, cumulative searches and revenue, demand capture, and ticket yield ratio show how purchasing and pricing patterns developed as bookings approached trip dates this season.
  • Regional Summary: This section shows the average booking window, order size, ticket yield ratio, and total revenue / visits for the past season and year-over-year change for each NSAA/Kottke region. We also look at RevPASS benchmarking for each NSAA region as well as the 50th and 90th percentile performers across our platform.

We hope you find this report and the elements within compelling. We’re constantly looking to improve how we present data that yields (no pun intended) a strong understanding of e-commerce trends in the ski industry. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, feedback or comments.  

Download the Report

Note: If you received a copy of this report at Evan’s presentation at NSAA, the numbers of the most recent version may be slightly different due to additional data from ski resorts that are still open for the season.


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