2015-2016 Season in Review

Millions of customers have been buying lift tickets online on the Liftopia Platform (Liftopia.com + Cloud Store) for over 11 years, allowing us to amass a wealth of data. We capture everything from demand for specific ski dates, products, regions and resorts to customer locations, booking window on each ticket sold, window rates across the country, demand capture and conversion rate, customer crossover between resorts and much much more. Having over a decade worth of this type of data, as well as partnerships with over 250 resorts in the US, Canada and further afield, uniquely positions Liftopia to observe major trends across various areas of lift ticket pricing and buying behavior.  

This presentation is an excerpt from material our CEO, Evan Reece, presented at the 2016 National Ski Areas Association conference in Nashville. Read about trends in pricing from the 2015-16 season and what we predict you’ll see in the 2016-17 season.

[slideshare id=65793462&doc=pricingande-commerceseasonreviewandlookingahead-160907190640]

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