12 Changes to Cloud Store Over the Past Year

A lot has happened over the past year, and we don’t expect you to remember every update or change we’ve made to our e-commerce platform, Cloud Store. However, in a time when online sales are more important than ever (not only due to COVID-19), we want to recap some of the key upgrades and improvements that have been implemented over the past 12-18 months. If you haven’t taken a look at our platform for a few years, we hope you’ll find this post informative as you prepare for winter and make decisions about advance ticket sales and overall technology.

You may think buying new software might not be in the cards this year, but the good news is unlike other providers, Cloud Store has no upfront fees. You can get set-up without writing a check and will only pay for what you sell. 

Now, the good stuff! Here’s a look at the updates:

$0 Reservations: Regardless of what e-commerce you use to sell your season passes, you can use our $0 reservation tool to have season pass holders book date-specific reservations for their visits to help you manage daily capacity (for indoor facilities as well as outdoor).

Dynamic pricing strategy visualization

Pricing as a Service: We have introduced pricing services independent from our Cloud Store e-commerce technology, that you can use on top of your existing e-commerce system. With more constraints around capacity this year, optimizing price points between days and time- slots will be critical to maximizing your revenue potential. 

Reserve with Google: Liftopia has formed a partnership with Reserve with Google, so products that are available in your store can be available for easy purchase directly in a Google search results and on Google maps at the same rates that are live on your store.  This is a fantastic step to increase pre-purchase commitment and contactless transactions using the most popular search tool on the web.  Never a better opportunity to be where your customers are.

Product images: Images can be added to the product details pages on Cloud Store for improved merchandising. For example, if you are selling a lift ticket + burger, you may want to add a picture of your best burger to entice customers.

Distinct inventory to handle small/medium sized groups

Group ticketing: Liftopia’s group ticketing functionality allows groups to book reservations online through a separate inventory pool available only to groups that meet a minimum size requirement that you can control. Not only does booking groups online allow for inventory control, it also unburdens resort office staff from the high touch groups that take up a lot of time for your staff. 

Stripe Connect: If you want to get paid more frequently, Stripe Connect is now available. Stripe Connect is a specific feature that simplifies how funds are routed from a customer’s credit card to your account and Liftopia. With Stripe Connect, after an order is completed, funds are split between your and Liftopia’s Stripe accounts immediately (and getting funds deposited into your account in a matter of days).

Saved credit cards: Customers making a purchase on Cloud Store can save a credit card to their account during a purchase, making it faster and easier for them to check out the next time they visit your store.

Capacity management: Introduced this summer, our capacity management tool allows you to set daily capacity limits for any product or group of products, regardless of which ticket types have been purchased.

Customizable time slots

Timed ticketing support: Planning to offer distinct time slots this season for skiing, tubing, etc.? Enhanced time-slot capabilities allow dynamically priced ticket inventory to be sold at unique time slots throughout the day, allowing you to take control of your pricing strategy from time slot to time slot, making the most out of each available start-time.

Custom fonts & colors: You can select custom primary and secondary colors for Cloud Store, a text color, and Google Font. Having more control over the design of your Cloud Store will smooth the customer transition from the informative part of your website to booking tickets on Cloud Store.

Lunch reservations as a ticket add-on

Product add-ons: Add-on functionality allows customers to add-on a product “extra” (such as a seasonal locker or parking spot) to a product they’ve already selected. For example, after selecting your ski area’s season pass, customers could add season-long gear rental, or something else you’ve made available. 

Support for QR codes: Planning to use a contact-less redemption system this winter? We added the ability for customers to redeem tickets using QR Codes. Customers can use the QR Code in their Confirmation Email or Cloud Store account to redeem orders at a kiosk or ticket window. Customers can save time, avoid queues, and reduce unnecessary interactions. 

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